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    SAR inside EAR



      I have an EAR which contains a SAR and a WAR. It deploys successfully on JBoss 4.0.3rc2.

      But if the service in the SAR throws an exception during deployment (which may happen due to external causes), I would expect JBoss to stop the EAR deployment. Instead the rest of the application - i.e. the WAR - is still being deployed and made available to users on the web, although in an inconsistent state.

      Adding a dependency on the service contained in the SAR in the jboss-web.xml for the WAR does the trick in this example, but it's not what I want. I actually have more modules inside my EAR and I want the whole EAR not to be deployed if the SAR fails.

      Is there any way to accomplish this? Am I missing something on how deployers work?