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    MBean dependency problems

    Colin Eberhardt Newbie

      I am trying to ensure that a module which contains an EJB is deployed before an MBean which uses one of the session beans within this module.

      I have a jboss-service.xml within my .sar file which is as follows:

      <mbean code="..." name="LabContext:name=AnalyserManager">

      However, the MBean is still deployed before the JAR file which contains the EJB which it references, resulting in a NameNotFoundException.

      I have ensured that JBoss is reading the above dependency by changing it to something that does tot exist - on startup I get the expected message "MBeans waiting for other MBeans".

      I have no idea what I am doing wrong!

      I am using JBoss 4.0.2.

      Are there any other methods I could use to specify this dependency?

      Colin E.