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    Configurint UI2Service

    Sachin Shah Newbie


      I am using JBoss 3.2.5. To make JBoss work behind firewall/NAT i made the changes as suggested at http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=UsingJBossBehindAFirewall. Which mentiones to set the system property java.rmi.server.hostname="IPOfMachine".

      After making these changes the JMS subscription from client fails with error message "Connection Refused to host". This does not work unless i change the attribute BindAddress from ${jboss.bind.address} to "IPOfMachine" (as mentioned in system property java.rmi.server.hostname) in file uil2-service.xml.

      I want to be able to set this from the startup file of JBoss rather then in the uil2-service.xml file. Are there any system property which drives this settings? I tried by setting system property org.jboss.mq.il.uil2.serverAddr to IPOfMachine both on JBoss server as well as client, but still get connection refused to host.

      Does any one know the system property through which i can make this work??