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    How do you turn off web services ? (start up probs)

    Fred Bloggs Newbie

      I'm trying to deploy an app that happens to have some web services defined in it. Essentially this is a proof of concept deployment of a Websphere app into Jboss and I'm actually not bothered about running any of the web services.

      The app will not deploy due to problems encountered with the web services therein. The problems I am having are:

      1) tries to access internet when webservices.xml contains IBM doctype. Our proxy server/firewall has just changed to be NTLM based and I can't figure out how to get JBOSS to log in to it

      2) if I side step problem 1 by removing the doctype then I get a problem with parseing the webservices.xml file, resulting in a null pointer in teh replaceAddressLocations method of some jboss code. I have a separate post on there about that

      So, a simple question - how can I turn off deployment or startup of web services, so I can test the core of my app, which is a struts front end with session beans and hibernate at the back end ?