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    Oracle Proxy Authentication in JBoss

    Mark Sholund Newbie

      What do I need to do to configure JBoss so that it connects to Oracle with proxy authentication?

      I have taken over support of our business logic running on JBoss 4.0.2. We currently connect to an Oracle 10g database and JBoss connects to the database as each individual user so each user has to have an Oracle account. I have been asked to investigate changing this to take advantage of Oracle's Proxy Authentication but am not sure where to start and what is involved in order to make JBoss connect to Oracle in that way.

      The idea is that each user should authenticate to JBoss (I have that) and then JBoss should authenticate itself to the database and all user requests would be submitted to Oracle by the application server on behalf of the user; I have been told that this will eliminate the need for having an Oracle account for every user by putting each user in groups with certain permissions.

      I have found quite a bit of information on how to set up Oracle to accept proxy connections but little to nothing to suggest how to set up JBoss to perform proxy authentication. There are a few sample connection-url entries in oracle-ds.xml for OCI configurations but I'm not sure if that's what I need to do here or not. I tend to believe that there is more to doing this than simply changing the connection string.

      Does anybody have any advice? Can JBoss be configured to work with Oracle this way?