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    DatabaseServerLoginModule + MySqlDS, what am I missing?

    Aladdin El-Nattar Newbie

      I looked through the forums and can't find the answer, which tells me that my question is probably quite trivial:

      Simply put, I'm trying to deploy a web application. I know my deployment descriptors are kosher. My problem is with the database that I created in mySQL.

      I created my owen database with the sql statement:


      So naturally I would have to execute the sql statement:

      USE MyDb

      everytime I connect to the database. But how do I tell JBoss to do that for me? Which descriptor file do I have to put that piece of information in.

      I'm using DatabaseServerLoginModule in my login-config.xml and

      <module-option name = "principalsQuery">SELECT ....blah blah....

      is not good enough. I need to switch to the database I created first...somehow. How?