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    NAT: LAN access vs Public access

    Richard Pitt Newbie

      We have a JBoss server running on Windows XP machine. The local network is configured as a workgroup and is behind a router/firewall with a static public IP. The router forwards all requests on appropriate ports (8080, 8009, 8093, 1099, 1098, 4444, 4445) to the server box.

      We need to configure it so we can connect to it from IP addresses on the local network as well as from external addresses on the internet.

      With default configuration external clients find services on it using http invoker on 8080, but then try to connect to port 4444 using the internal address. JBoss tells them its internal address.

      To make it available from external addresses, we use a windows Loopback network connection on the server box that is set to the public address of the LAN's router. But then we can?t see it from the LAN.

      What is the way to solve this problem? Will it work if our router has a name registered in DNS and we get the server running, using the ?b startup option to bind the services to this domain name?