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    launch mode and prepend

    me ddf Newbie

      1)i installed jboss+eclipse.Now at windows -prferences -myclipse -jboss-launch mode there is two option run and debug mode.what is the difference between these two?
      2)on windows -prferences -myclipse -jboss-path
      a)path to add ?append to classpath

      b)prepend to classpath

      c)append to library

      what are these three indicating.means append to library means which library?
      append to classpath means which classpath
      and what is difference between these append to classpath and prepend to classpath
      thanxs in advance

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          Darran Lofthouse Master

          In Eclipse if you are debugging something this means that you have can set breakpoints and step through code execution.

          If you run something this just means that it is executed but with no debugger so you can not set breakpoints and step through the code.

          The word 'append' in this context means 'add to the very end' in other words add the path to the end of the classpath so it will be found last.

          The word 'prepend' means 'To prefix or add to the beginning' in other words add it to the start of the classpath so it will be found first.