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    multiple directories to .war creation queries

    R B Newbie

      The current application has multiple directories under "webapps", with each directory having its own "WEB-INF"(with web.xml)

      and related jsp,html,image files.

      Current setup:

       |- shared/lib
       | - (.jars)
       |- webapps
      each directory
       | - (web.xml)
       |- html/jsp/images

      This needs to be converted to a .war (or .ear) to be deployed into JBoss. I want to know what my options are:

      If I try to combine under a single .war, that would that mean having to combine the contents of each individual web.xml into a common one (in a single WEB-INF), and dumping all jsps into a common location. This effectively breaks the logical grouping

      for all the jsp and related files (since they have been grouped by function in the current Tomcat setup)

      1) Do I have to make seperate ".wars" for each of the dir1, dir2, dir3 and dump them into a single ".ear"? I'm not sure if breaking the application into seperate .wars is a correct option.

      If this approach is used:

      in the current setup, there are no "classes" sub-directories under "WEB-INF". All the class files are combined into seperate ".jars" and these are dumped into "tomcat_home/shared/lib/". Is there a way to retain all these ".jars" in a common location (maybe at the .ear level), so that they are accessable to all the .wars?

      2) Are there any other options?

      3) Anything I need to keep in mind when combining all these?