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    Does log4j QuietMode need to be false?

    lasitha ranatunga Newbie

      The Log4jService (mbean org.jboss.logging.Log4jService in conf/jboss-service.xml) has an attribute named Log4jQuietMode set to true. The comment indicates 'this needs to be set to avoid a possible deadlock on exception', and references bug#696819.

      Please help me find further information about this. I wasn't able to find the specified bug on either the log4j or jboss trackers, and searching those trackers and their respective forums haven't unearthed anything.

      We've had some errors with the smtp appender and would like to log any errors encountered within the appender. Turning the QuietMode to true would achieve this, but the purported 'deadlock' sounds ominous.

      Any help or alternatives would be appreciated.
      lasitha ranatunga.