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    Performance 4.0.2 vs 3.2.6

    jaap Newbie


      I have upgraded from 3.2.6. to 4.0.2. Apart from a JTA challenge (there where a lot of time out /synchronisation errors that made JBoss crash) it was not a very difficult upgrade. The reason for the upgrade is the awfully cool webservices support of JBoss 4.

      The problem i am having is a great difference in performance. 4.0.2 is 30% to 50% slower then 3.2.6 for my case. Did anyone has had similar problems and how did you solve them?



      ps typical for my setup is there are two heavy batch processes running daily that take a few hours to complete. I use Hibernate 2.1.8 for persistence.

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          Piotr Kolaczkowski Newbie

          Switch to Hibernate 3.0.5. It's really cool. And it is really fast when you enable Jboss Tree cache.
          After switching to Jboss 4 we've got over 100% performance boost, but this is mainly due to faster Hibernate and better caching (jboss cache instead of ehcache).

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            Jeremy Haile Newbie

            What JVM are you running on? Did you change the JRE for the upgrade or stay at the same version?

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              jaap Newbie


              I am using Sun's 1.5_02, that is unchanged.

              I am working on migrating to hibernate 3.0.5 but that is not a trivial task. And, then it would mean that Hibernate 2 is a lot slower on 4 then on 3. I can imagine that possiblility, but my feeling is that JTA Transactions in 4 are more integrated in Jboss and they are the cause of the decrease in performance.


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                jaap Newbie

                Problem is solved

                The cause was that JBoss 3 probably ignored the transaction-type in the ejb-jar.xml. And XDoclet sets it default to 'Container'. JBoss 4, in accordance to J2EE takes that hint serious and start performing (in my case needless) transactions and dragging performance by almost 50%.

                So, make sure you add transaction-type="Bean" in XDoclet, if you want acceptable performance.