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    User-specified servers (other than default server)

    Chris Loftus Newbie

      Does anyone know the best way (if possible) to get JBoss to use a different server config directory rather than "default"? I know that I can create a separate directory under jboss-4.0.2/server and get Jboss to use that via the -Djboss.server.name property but I'm trying to specify a URI that points to a different drive e.g. file:/M:/jboss-4.0.2/server/my-default

      I've tried setting jboss.server.home.uri but it gets ignored. The reason I want to do this is so that I can have one central installation and many separate user specified configurations so that each user can run his/her jboss server with their specific settings (rather like the Sun App Server domains idea).

      Many thanks