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    Strange session behavior

    David McNelis Newbie

      Perhaps someone can help me out here. I'm currently running JBoss 4.0.1 on a production server environment. We have multiple applications running under JBoss, 7. All 7 applications are essentially the same, with minor aesthetic differences.

      The last week or so we've been having an issue where it seems like the sessions are getting confused between the different deployments. You will be in the application on one deployment, click a button, and then you are in another part of the application, or another deployment altogether. This is increasing in frequency, and we are completely at a loss as to what the issue is. It is a new issue, and we rolled back the code to before the issue started happening.

      Some theories are that we are having memory issues, or there is a memory leak somewhere, but really, we are grasping at straws. Can anyone help shed some light?