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    jboss stuck / session ?

    Paul Guermonprez Newbie


      i am having a problem with jboss service.

      after a random time, jboss won't let me open
      new sessions from the client software.
      if i ask the jboss service to restart, it won't work,
      i have to kill -9 the java jboss process.

      looks like a java-memory limit problem, so i asked
      the jboss java process to use :
      -Xmx2000m -Xms2000m

      but it didn't work.

      linux suse 9.3 pro / jboss-3.2.5-6

      i guess this may be a problem with sessions
      kept and eating memory.
      i have one client software or two at a time, but users
      sometime kill their client software, so the session
      is probably kept in jboss ...
      how do i list and stop these sessions ?

      any other ideas ?