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    Build behind the firewall

    Cat Newbie

      Hi all,
      not sure that should put this post here, but I have a problem during build the JBoss 4.0.3 and HEAD. The build is failed on "createthirdparty" target if it is running behind the firewall. Could you please to add the proxy setting there? For instance on following manner:

      <target name="createthirdparty" unless="inhibit.downloads" depends="check.inhibit.downloads, set.proxy">
      <target name="check.proxy">
       <condition property="hasproxy">
       <isset property="proxy.host"/>
       <isset property="proxy.port"/>
       <equals arg1="" arg2="${proxy.host}" trim="true"/>
       <equals arg1="" arg2="${proxy.port}" trim="true"/>
      <target name="set.proxy" if="hasproxy" depends="check.proxy">
       <echo>Proxy is set to ${proxy.host}:${proxy.port}</echo>
       <setproxy proxyhost="${proxy.host}" proxyport="${proxy.port}"/>

      Where the proxy.host & proxy.port properties should be specified if you behind the firewall.

      Btw, on my mind, at this moment, the Maven is best tool to make a build system. Did you consider it when design the new one? I can be wrong, but seems like you "invents the wheel".