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    .EAR classpaths

    Gavin Kearney Newbie

      Maybe this is a silly question but I'm stumpled and gotta ask:

      I'm using JBoss 4.0.2 and I'm deploying a .ear file to a farm directory so it will be clustered. My problem is with the classpath, All the classes for the application are contained within the ear itself, this worked fine in JBoss3 but in the newer version I keep getting 'class not found' exceptions.

      I'm wondering is there something I have to set in the new JBoss to get it to use the class contained within the app. or is this a bug?


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          Gavin Kearney Newbie

          can anybody help me on this matter, its very important, i would be very greatful for any help at all, thanks

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            Darran Lofthouse Master

            Deploying an application to the farm directory does not automatically make your application clustered all it does is distribute your archive across the cluster.

            Regarding the class not found exceptions you are going to have to describe your problem before you can get any help.

            What is the structure of your ear? what types of components does it contain?
            What classes are being reported with the class not found exception?
            Where are the missing classes?
            What is causing the class not found exception? Are they at deployment time? Are they at runtime? If at runtime what causes them?

            Any anything else that might help us to understand your ear.