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    Java 1.5 in JSP not working

    Mike Pot Newbie

      I'm trying to get Java 1.5 to work in JSP pages.

      I've followed the instructions at

      Which told me to:
      - remove jasper-compiler-jdt.jar
      - add to tomcat's web.xml's servlet init params:
      - add ant.jar to the lib dir

      I'm getting the following error when it tries to compile my jsp page:

      org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to load class for JSP
      java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.jsp.workstation2_jsp

      My guess is that removing jasper-compiler-jdt.jar leaves Tomcat without any way to compile. But why does the document say to remove it?

      Is it possible at all to use Java 1.5 in JBoss 4.0.2 (latest stable I guess)?

      ps. Why this resistance against Java 1.5? Is it IBM and Eclipse that is causing this slow adoptation? Java 1.5 rocks if you ask me - and it's not just the language features...