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    JBoss Deployed Directory

    Agilan Palani Newbie


      Iam using tomcat5.5 with jboss4.0.2 server.

      While deploying war to JBoss application server,

      1. JBoss extracts the war file dropped in the ?#serverconfig#/deploy? directory to the

      #serverconfig#/tmp/deploy/tmpXXXXXwarfile directory.

      The problem is we don?t know what will be the destination directory of the application. The directory created is dynamic and contains some numbers (XXXX) which is auto-generated. This makes some of the application configuration difficult. Like the application root directory and application classes directory are all unknown before deployment.

      There are some EOD programs which refers to the application class files which execution. Additionally some of those batches would to generate PDFs and Images in the application?s document root directory.

      For the above two cases, we need to know the application?s deployment directory upfront, which will be configured in a property file.

      Its cumbersome to change the configured deployment directory for every deployment if the directory changes.

      Q1. Can the created deployment directory be made constant?

      The m-bean used for war deployment is the default tomcat deployer

      Thanks in advance
      Agilan Palani

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          Mike Pot Newbie

          The war directory is kind of none of the developers business. It's a directory that's chosen and owned by JBoss/Tomcat.

          If you want to generate resources like pdf files and make them available as part of the same web context, I suggest using a download servlet. In the web.xml you can associate a url pattern like /download/* or something with a servlet. The servlet could load and pipe the pdf file through its servlet output stream.
          This servlet could pull the pdf file from a database or some kind of temporary directory - which is controlled and owned by the servlet.

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            Agilan Palani Newbie

            Well, how about the EOD Java programs which refers to the WAR application's classes directory?