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    Remote access by ip address only - no host names

    Mike Pot Newbie

      I need to be able to deploy webstart clients completely by ip address only. I need to avoid any host name lookups, and reverse ip lookups, because all the client will ever know about the server is the ip address. It has no idea how to translate its ip address to a host name, or its host name to an ip address. I've got it partially working.

      I start JBoss with the following system properties fed through the java startup command to run.jar:
      -Djava.rmi.server.hostname= -Djava.rmi.server.useLocalHostname=false

      JBoss starts fine. And the client, through webstart, starts, but takes a very very long time to start.
      If I change add an entry to the hosts file on the client, and tell it how to translate the ip address of the server to any bogus made up name, the client starts without the long timeouts.

      So in essence, somewhere on the client, somewhere in either rmi, or jms (the app uses jms btw), it wants to take the ip address and find the name for it.
      If it doesn't find it, it continues fine, but in the process on a Windows client, it waits a very long time before it finally starts.

      My question is: how can I instruct the client to not bother looking up the name for the ip address? I want to be able to deploy on random clients across any network without having to bother with setting up name servers.

      I've driven myself nuts by reading the JBoss behind a firewall documents/wiki/forums/internet/usenet, but they don't get to the point, and don't reveal the actual solution.

      I'd greatly appreciate if someone can help me find the answer. Surely, other people have deployed clients with just ip addresses and no host names?