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    war deployement

    alain garneau Newbie


      I used to deploy ear files to jboss and it always work perfectly. This time I have only a war file but it does not deploy.

      Is the deployment different with a war file?

      Any hint appreciated.

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          jaikiran pai Master

          Where have you placed the war file. What errors are you seeing? To deploy a war, you just place the war inside the deploy directory and it will be detected by the server and loaded during startup.

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            alain garneau Newbie


            Thanks for your answer. I am copying to war file de server/default/deploy I am using Java Creator Studio and I was missing standard.jar and jstl.jar inside: default\deploy\jbossweb-tomcat50.sar. Now I have at least an error but I can fix that.

            What is still suprising to me is that the war does not deploy at all on jboss4.0.2, not even an error. But on jboss4.0.1.sp1 it seems ok. I will have to look on the Java Creator Forum.