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    ClassCastException with Hot deployment of a JSF application

    Blaise Gosselin Newbie


      I'm using JBoss 4.0.1sp1.
      I have a package named commons.jar which contains PhaseListener of my different web-apps.
      This package is deployed in the lib directory of my config AS : /server/default/lib.
      I have thus some JSF applications that refers to these PhaseListener.

      When I make a hot deployment of a JSF app, I have a ClassCastException that occured.
      When I watched in the code and in the log, I can see that this error occurs in the ConfigureListener of JSF, when it tries to set the different PhaseListener of my web-app, which are contained in my commons.jar package.

      I suppose so this is a ClassLoader problem : the ConfigureListener can't instanciate the class deployed previously in the commons.jar.

      How can I solve this problem ? Can someone help me please ?
      Thanks in advance.