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    JBoss and proprietary SMTP server conflict

    Colin Reid Newbie

      We have a dedicated server from our ISP - it comes installed with a proprietry email and web server (I think they built it themselves, so there is little tech documentation!). We have been having huge problems with the SMTP server regularly becoming non-responsive.

      The techies at the ISP have now informed me that if they disable the JBoss application server (run as a service via JavaService) that they can restart the SMTP service and it works fine. Previously I was having to restart the whole server to get it working.

      The techies have informed me that he 'suspects this is due to a conflict between the SMTP server and the virtual SMTP server in JBoss' - I didnt know the application server contained an SMTP server - is this correct? Does JBoss use port 25 for anything internally? I've trawled the conf files but found nothing.

      Anybody else seen any sort of conflict like this?