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    Installation Frustration

    Allistair Crossley Newbie


      I'm near the end of my sanity with getting JBoss to run, really I am.

      I downloaded the AS 4.0.3SP1, basically the latest and greatest.

      I unzip this to my C: root and click Run. Every single port that is in the jboss service xml is apprently taken. Fair enough. I list my ports with netstat -an and it's not the case, but hey, I will humour it.

      I change all ports to some random numbers that I know are not bound a la netstat.

      Startup, some progress! Must have been bound I guess, but another JVMBind issue now with 8080 for Tomcat. No Tomcat is running, no 8080 in netstat, but hey, what the hell, i'll believe it.

      Change 8080 to 8345, def. not a used port. Start up again.

      Every single port I changed before for the RMI and everything else I am told is bound again.

      Is this a bug? Is JBoss not unbinding itself from ports when it encounteres bind errors on startup? I've changed the port assingments so many times it's not funny.