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    Web Application on JBOSS

    Mister Zzz Newbie

      I've got a EAR with EJB and JSP/servlets, etc... inside. I want to deploy it for production use and also deploy a development version for testing. I'm using Jboss 3.2.7. I need these applications to be available on the different names, like www.site.com for production version and test.site.com for development version. So:
      a) how can I deploy different versions of these applications - after the deployment in Jboss both of the tries to use the same names, files, links, etc...
      b) how can I set the name of the site (www.site.com or test.site.com) - the only thing I get now is http://my.host.fqdn.com:8080 and such URL doesn't look good for me.
      I've been advised to use Apache + mod_jk, there I can configure VirtualHosts for each of the names. Is this a good practice? However, I still don't have any idea how to deploy different version of the same application or is this not possible on the same server?
      Thank you.