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    How do I make sure .SAR files are undeployed first

    Rakesh Kumar Newbie

      Hi --

      I am new to JBOSS MBeans. I created a MBean (my_mbean.sar) and I can deploy and undeploy the MBean successfully. But the problem is how to make sure that my_mbean.sar is undeployed first at the time jboss shutdown.

      Right now, my_mbean.sar is depending upon the datasource, and when I copy my .sar file into /deploy/ folder and start the jboss. First the datasource is deployed and then my_mbean.sar is deployed and then all other EJB of my application are deployed. But when I shut down JBOSS, the EJB are undeployed, the my_mbean.sar is undeployed and then the datasource is undeployed.

      But I want my_mbean.sar need to undeployed before the EJB are undeployed. How would I do that ? I tried making EBJDeployer as the dependency for my_mbean.sar to see if it makes any undeployment order change, but no use its still doing the same thing.