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    Using external entities in JBoss configuration files

    john willemin Newbie

      So, in order to break big xml configuration files apart, we do the exteral entity thing, like so:


      For instance:

      <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
      <!DOCTYPE meh[ <!ENTITY meh-message SYSTEM
      'file:./meh-message.xml'> ]>



      This seems to work fine in some JBoss files (like in /conf, login-config.xml) but if I try to do it with anything in server/default/deploy (oracle-ds.xml for instance) or inside my web application (WEB-INF/conf/whatever.xml) I get a FileNotFoundException for the included piece (meh-message.xml).

      It does however, work fine if I put an absolute path (i.e. !ENTITY meh-message SYSTEM 'file:c:/meh-message.xml'). For obvious reasons this is not desirable :)

      Is this a bug? It would make configuring our app so much easier if this worked.

      John Willemin