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    How to co-exist both JBoss and WebSphere App. Server???

    Sunraycer The Newbie

      My company have both JBoss v4.0.1 SP2, WebSphere AS v5.1 and WebSphere Portal v5.1. I need to come up an architecture which leverage all three AS. I have the following design questions on hand. Can someone shine some light on how can I my application flow between these components.

      [Authenication credential] - Between WAS and WPS, there are LPTA token to forward authenication token to WPS. Can JBoss have similar function available? Or do I need to build a cross domain authenication layer?

      [JMS session] - Can I pass JMS content between JBoss and WAS? Do I require to have MQ or other MOM in order to pass messages across two different AS?