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    violates loader constraints

    Frank chen Newbie

      I am new in JBOSS. evaluating it. while I am developing/testing a prototype. I got the follwong error:
      19:48:54,032 INFO [AFacadeSessionBean] AFacadeSessionBean.getTestTO() done, tto=userid=, pwd=,
      lastName=WebLogic Application Server fundamentals, firstName=, middleInitial=, contactInfoId=
      19:48:54,042 ERROR [[A Dispatcher]] Servlet.service() for servlet A Dispatcher threw exception
      java.lang.LinkageError: Class com/acom/app/common/bean/TestTO violates loader constraints


      basically a sessionbean get data from db correctly and set it to a TO(transfer object) correctly, but somehow, whe a dispatcher servlet try to get the TO, jboss throw the above error....

      Could some JBOSS SR./expert give some help on this issue?
      Thank you in advance!