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    Problem with multiple deployments of same app on JBoss

    Martin Kultermann Newbie

      Hello everyone, I am trying to deploy 2 different versions (Prod and Dev) of the same web app (EAR) on our JBoss 3.2.4(200406040848) server.

      They both work fine, but when I stop the server and replace just one of the two deployments and then restart the server, both the old original and the new deployments are now running the same newly deployed classes.

      1. Is it possible to run multiple deployments of the same web app or with the same classes on one JBoss installation?

      2. Are there any parameters I can set to make that possible if the answer is Yes to the above question?

      TIA for any help.

      Martin Kultermann
      eStar Communications
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          Frank Langelage Master

          Look at the Wiki for (scoped) classloading.
          You'll have to use a separates classloader for each ear.

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            Jörg Wiesmann Newbie

            Hello lafr!

            could you please give more details?
            I think i got the same problem.
            My try was to deploy two EAR - Files which use the same classes, ejbs etc.
            Now i got the problem, that any of its app always uses the same datasource.

            I tried to configure all JNDI Names @ any bean and changed the xml files, so that it now should work.

            If i only deploy one package, this package uses the correct database and it works fine.
            If i know deploy the second package, this package also uses the datasource of the first package. But if i deploy the second first, it uses the correct database and so on ...

            if i try using something like [jboss-service.xml]


            i get the following error-message:

            Only the root deployment can set the loader repository

            thx a lot
            greetz Joerg