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    Problem configure JMS

    Andrea Battaglia Newbie

      I've installed Jboss4.0.2 on two servers and configured JMS with HA-JNDI and MySql as a shared Database for both servers.
      Examples of my configuration :

      server1 : Installazione di JBOSS4.0.2 - JMS - HA-JNDI e JNDI
      server2 : Installazione di JBOSS4.0.2 - JMS - HA-JNDI e JNDI
      Server3 : Installazione DB-MySQL

      This is my problem: publishing a message on server1, JbossMQ on this server creates a message-id (and assigns it to the JMSMessage) independently
      by server2. Then if I publish a message on server2, JbossMQ on this server could assign the same message-id to the message.
      Of course this produces an error on DB.

      Could some one give me hints in order to fix the problem,if possible?