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    Need help on the LinkageError

    Davis Varkey Newbie

      We are getting following linkage error when deployed the application and tried to login. The login function calls a serlvet which uses Response class available in a jar file. This jar file is packaged in both EAR and WAR file as the jar file is referenced in both ejb and serlvets. But when we remove the jar from WAR file, the application is not able to deploy fully, it get stuck when loading the servlet. We have tried many ways of packaging and configuration, but no luck.

      Could some one help me to advise on how to pakcage such scenario and is there any configuration can be done to avoid the linkage error. I have referred the documents available in the jboss site, but none of them helped

      java.lang.LinkageError: loader constraints violated when linking com/sns/base/Response class