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    Adding directories to server or application classpath

    David Turkel Newbie

      Sorry if this addressed somewhere, but I cannot find an answer that works on the Wiki or the Forum using reasonable search terms.

      I need to load certain .properties files using a classloader (preferable an application-level classloader, but I'll take one that's more global if I have to).

      I've tried adding the location to the "run" script, I've tried adding it to the startup parameters (-C/--classpath). I see the path appear in the boot log, so I'm reasonably sure that it's being included, yet my resource cannot be found.

      What is the correct way to do this, so I know that I don't have a problem with this portion?

      BTW, all my unit test work using this technique, using the same files that are loaded. Also, the properties are loaded using Spring's PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer, within a WAR.