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    JBOSS on AIX system

    M.C.Alexander Newbie

      I need to install and run JBOSS 3.2.7 on AIX box. Are there any KNOWN issues with JBOSS and AIX configuration. What are the importent area we have to consider for this configuration.


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          Frank Grimes Newbie

          Be aware that the tar program shipped with AIX is not GNU-tar compatible, so you may want to download the .zip distribution and use $JAVA_HOME/bin/jar -xvf to decompress it.

          Make sure you have the latest IBM JDK filesets installed since we have hit many bugs in previous releases. I think the latest as of today is:

          IY75003 ca142-20050929a 142 SR3

          Also, I'd suggest building JBoss with the IBM JDK.

          Other than that, it works fine for us.