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    Example RichFaces ModalPanel

    Arwen Newbie


      as I searched, it doesn't exists much documentation about this component...
      I found this link, and some others problems here.

      I'm trying to use it here, but I'm having Javascript errors when I trying to call it.

      In my case, I need to call the ModalPanel through a button. I would use it like a popup window, to confirm an action.

      Because this, I would test if it's possible to use this componente.
      I would add in modalPanel others 2 buttons:
      1 one button would call an action submit,
      2 and the other would only return to the previous state (close).

      Does somebody has some complete example of this component, or some implementation functioning?

      Or if somebody will be able to confirm me what I need to configure everything that it works (web.xml, versions, etc), maybe extra functions.

      Thanks for attention,