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    How to refer Images outside JBOSS_HOME?

    yogesh s Newbie


      I am working as a J2EE programmer.
      I am new to JBOSS server.
      And, I am developing an application "myapp.ear".

      The application is running in Linux server.

      I placed myapp.ear file in the following location:

      The HTML files are referring the images outside the JBOSS_HOME.

      Images are stored in the following location:

      When I run the application, images are not displayed. I am getting a red colored "x" mark with a blank area.

      I referred the jboss-service.xml file under:
      /opt/jboss-3.2.6/server/default/conf/ directory.

      I added the file:/var/myapp/images.war to the "attribute name="URLs"" tag of jboss-service.xml file.

      Then, the tag has the follwoing value:
      deploy/, file:/var/myapp/images.war

      Still the image is not displayed.

      What are things needed to be configured in JBOSS to fix this image display issue?

      Please help me to fix this.