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    What's the best way to package utility jars in exploded depl

    Bernard de Terwangne Newbie

      Well I have quite a complex app to develop and I'd like to use exploded ear deployment during development.

      I've been using Class-Path entry in MANIFEST.MF file and it works absolutly fine for packaged deployment.

      When your server is running Windows (not Unix/Linux) and you come to exploded deployment, you face a problem explained here : http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBAS-2434

      The utility jars referenced in a MANIFEST.MF are locked by the classloader and you have no chance of redeploying or changing the utility jar without stopping the JBoss server (which is not exactly the way I want to work).

      So well I can accept that the cause of the problem is a Sun bug, but I was looking for a way to work it out. Other App servers like WebLogic provide specific APP-INF/lib thing to manage this problem, but I'd like first to stay general and second to keep JBoss as app server.

      I have found a nasty way to do it but I hope there is better. My nasty solution is not to place utility jars in the MANIFEST.MF file but rather reference them in application.xml as ejb modules. The EJB3 deployer opens them despereatly looking for EJB's but it works fine. It gives no error and everything is works alright. The files don't get locked and hot deployment works.

      Has anybody found another (les awful) solution to this problem ?