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    Overriding Xalan.jar with older version for web-app.

    drnickit Newbie


      We have a product of an external company.
      The problem here is that the product uses older versions of Xalan and Xerces and the external company isn't prepared to update their product with new xalan and xerces.

      Currently we are using Jboss-4.0.1. We were able to add the OLDER Xalan and xerces to the endorsed lib of jboss. I know we shouldn't do this but hey it worked all fine. We had to do this because we couldn't find a way to override the xalan and xerces of jboss.

      Now we are trying to use jboss-4.0.3SP1 and trying to apply the same settings but it fails.

      Is there a way to tell a web-app, in jboss, to use OLDER versions of xalan and xerces instead of the ones in the endorsed library?

      kind regards