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    JBoss Clustering - webservice(wsr) and EJb in same node, clu

    Hari Sundharesan Newbie

      i have 4 nodes in a cluster, when i deploy my webservice in one of the nodes and the EJB's in the other 3 nodes it seems to be working fine, the load is balanced(i.e when i send 50 requests they are split to the 3 nodes etc) , failover happens fine..

      but when i have the EJB in all 4 nodes (including the one with the webservice) and then clustering doesnt happen. all requests are routed to the ejb present in the same node as the webservice ???

      first case:

      node 1 node 2 node 2
      web service(wsr) ejb ejb - clustering,failover working fine, all requests are sent to node2 and node 3

      second case:
      node 1 node 2 node 2
      web service(wsr) & EJB ejb ejb - all requests sent to ejb in node1 itself, nothing sent to node 2 and 3

      there shud be some configuration i shud add in jboss.xml or somewhere to forbid this??? i have around 6 services like this and it wud require lot of machines if webservice and ejb cant be deployed in the same node..