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    Timezone difference

    Marc Thompson Newbie

      Hi, I've got a weird time zone difference happening on a production server and wondered if anyone can help...

      I'm running jboss 3.2.3 on suse linux (enterprise 9.0) with a postgres 7.4.2 backend database and it runs with seperately installed verisons of tomcat (4.1.27)

      I'm based in Sydney, Australia and jboss seems to believe the time is GMT +10 when its currently GMT +11.

      date on the command line gives the following:

      Tue Dec 20 09:33:49 EST 2005

      A java date object initiated in a servlet gives:

      Tue Dec 20 09:33:49 EST 2005

      A query of postgres directly from the servlet:

      2005-12-20 09:33:49.36264+11

      ...but a Date object initiated in a session bean within jboss returns...

      Tue Dec 20 08:33:49 GMT+10:00 2005

      The problem is causing havoc with a publishing system because users are entering a publish date which is processed through jboss. It seems to automatically adjust the time by 1 hour, thinking the timezone is 1 hour out, and stores the wrong date in the database. The same configuration runs on our development server and doesnt show the same symptoms.

      I'm new to jboss administration but am thinking it must just be a setting somewhere but i've spent days trying to find it without any luck.

      Any help at this point would be much appreciated