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    is jboss really deploying file *.xml.* ?

    tony oger Newbie


      Have some problems integrating a j2ee solution using jboss during deployment. Indeed, i used some xml template file named .xml.template for in my integration script and administration tools.

      Those template files are in $JBOSS_HOME/server/default/deploy
      and are copied to real .xml with my administration tool regarding the platform and its parameters.

      How does Jboss start this template file ? Think it wouls start only *.xml file and not *.xml* files.

      2005-12-15 16:58:35,057 DEBUG [org.jboss.deployment.MainDeployer] Starting deployment of package: file:/opt/jboss-4.0.2/server/default/deploy/test.xml.template

      Any help would be apreciated, to understand jboss deployment and how can i prevent jboss to deploy file named *.xml and only those files ?
      I could have the same problem if i backup some xml file as .xml.backup

      Thanks for you support.