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    Patch deployment for ear application

    upankar das Newbie

      I have an ear file that consists of two jars and one war. Now if i need to patch out 2/3 class files of one of the constituent jars, what is the standard way of doing it ?
      In a standalone envioronment (outside of an app server), we generally put the class files in exploded package/directory form, and refer to that first thing in the classpath before the master jar. I dont think we can use the same practice here in jboss since putting them in jboss classpath shall mean those classes will be loaded during start-up, and will have access issues if we refer any of the application classes from within it.

      One way, i believe, will be to have the ear in exploded form, and then replace the required files. But is there any other standard way ? Whats the practice generally followed ??