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    Quartz deployment JBOSS portal

    Torben Frøberg Newbie

      I would like to make an application using quartz (scheduling tool) in the JBoss Portal (ver. 2.0) . But I have som problems make the deployment.

      In my war file I have a WEB-INF/lib directory with all neccesary jar files required by quartz.

      And in my web.xml file I have

      <display-name>Quartz Initializer Servlet</display-name>



      When I deploy the application I can that the scheduler is started. So at initialization time of the application the jar files under WEB-INF/lib are accessible to the class loader.

      I have servlet in which I try to access a class from the Quartz package (StdSchedulerFactory), but here I get a ClassNotFound exception.

      How comes that jar files in WEB-INF/lib are not accesible to the servlet ?