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    jboss cahe for BMP entity beans

    Natalia Udaltsova Newbie

      Hi, All

      We have got a project to support. The project contains a lot of BMP entity beans. We installed JBoss and deployed the application. Now, when I see my traffic on DB side I see that the app server calls my DB each time when I request an entity so the cache seems to be disabled. I did try to specify explicitly configuration-name: Standard BMP EntityBean ? read-only:true for my entity but I still see the same traffic. I also did try to change commit options in the standardjboss.xml, but that made no difference.

      I would be kindly grateful for any comment/idea what's wrong here.


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          Cyril JOUI Newbie

          Hello !

          Before trying to delegate the cache to JBoss, did you think about how can you try to cache information yourself ?
          You told that you have a lot of BMP Entity.
          Maybe some of them can be cached directly in memory (if they don't change everytime ...).

          You can try to do a manually cache (with a helper class for example).

          It's just an idea ! After I don't really know if JBoss can do some cache for your BMP (because it is a BMP and not a CMP lol).

          Good luck !