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    Migration from WebLogic

    David Franklin Newbie

      I'm trying to migrate a WebLogic application to JBoss, and I don't suppose I'm the first or last to walk this path.

      I came across a helpful tutorial at http://www.onjava.com/lpt/a/5662 that includes a couple of XSLT files for converting the WebLogic deployment descriptors into their JBoss equivalents. However, these do not convert all of the information - in fact only a simple subset appears to be converted. Rather than attempt to re-invent the wheel, is there a more comprehensive stylesheet available for this translation?

      I'm also rather puzzled by the NoClassDefFoundError I get when I attempt to deploy the (admittedly) incomplete (wrt the .XML file but not the class files) Jar file. It's unable to find a class that is in fact in that jar.

      Any light that could be shed on this would be most helpful.

      David Franklin