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    Mod_jk functionality without Apache?

    Shaun davey Newbie

      I've currently got an infrastructure that uses hardware loadbalancing so i really don't want to put in a software loadbalancer in the form of Apache as I've got Tomcat/JBOSS Serving web pages and it seems to be duplicating functionality.

      Basically what I need to do is allow any users to connect to any server on first connect but then use a server specific sticky session from that point onward.

      The real problem though is that the hardware load balancer doesn't support JSESSIONID but requires that I set a 'NAME=Value' cookie where Name is just a label i.e ServerID but Value is a number that Identifies an individual Servernode in the ServerGroup.

      Unfortunately I'm having to do this with a packaged application so can't make changes to the app only the infrastructure

      Would mod_jk actually do what i need to here?

      Is there anyway to do this within only Tomcat/JBOSS?