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    using depends in an ejb jboss.xml to reference an EAR

    will kinney Newbie


      I was wondering if it was possible to use

      in jboss.xml for a stateless session ejb (EJB1), that depends on an EAR. the EAR contains an ejb and a "common" class JAR that is needed by the first (stateless session) ejb (EJB1). I want to keep the common class JAR with the EAR, and not put it in the static lib directory.

      I know the "depends" works for j2ee.service[s] for EJBs, but I couldn't get it to work by directly referencing the EAR url (filename), with service=EARDeployer, AND I could not find a way to reference the EAR by name, rather than filename.

      Hope that was clear, please help!

      jboss 3.2.7
      jvm 1.4.2_09