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    how  to reduce memory requirements for ear/war

    Frank Langelage Master

      We build an ear file with
      - 1 entity.jar containing 97 EBs with LocalHome, Local, PK
      - 1 message.jar with 1 MDB
      - 10 session.jar with a total of 58 SLSB plus interfaces
      - 9 webservice.war with a total of 29 webservice classes and interfaces.
      To support more than one instance of this app on jboss server we use scoped class loading.
      We use JBoss 4.0.4beta (current cvs checkout) with the default server config minus some unneeded services (no HA, no hibernate, no hslqdb, no ejb3, ..).
      The default container configurations are used for EB 2.x and SLSB 2.x.

      Every additional ear deployed increases the memory consumption (resident memory / RSS) by ~100MB although there hasn't been any client access so far. The app server is totaly idle.

      Which tunables may be altered to reduce the memory consumption ?
      We plan to use one JBoss instance for many of those instances of those ear's for different patchlevels and to support customer specific modifications inside the ear.
      Performance ist not important here on our development, build and test servers.

      Any hints ?