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    Deploymentdescriptor for user defined client side intercepto

    Stefan Kuehn Newbie


      Can anyone post a sample deployment descriptor (part of) for a clientside interceptor, where you have added an interceptor of your own?

      I have written an tried out a container interceptor, but that doesn't solve my problem.

      Here ist the interesting part of the deployment descriptor for my container interceptor:

      <container-configurationextends="Standard Stateful SessionBean">

      The SyncInterceptor is my interceptor, that sync the access to my statefull session bean...on the "server side"... Of course that isn't what i want...

      When setting up a client interceptor...
      1. What does the deployment descriptor look like?
      2. Do i have to use the "extends=" syntax as with the container interceptor?
      3. What base class must my interceptor implement?
      The org.jboss.ejb.plugins.AbstractInterceptor?
      As in my container interceptor:
      public class SyncInterceptor extends org.jboss.ejb.plugins.AbstractInterceptor {

      I have read the dokumentation, but i found no sample how to add an interceptor of your own. Nither client nor container interceptor.
      (i case i havent overssen it of course)

      I'd appreciate any help.