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    WAR/EAR within SAR

    rpochet Newbie

      I'm wondering what is the 'best' way to package AR, EAR, SAR, JAR together.

      I'm currently packaging my EAR, WAR's inside a SAR but many people rather packaged SAR inside EAR. Is there a preferred solution?

      Here is my SAR:


      This starts schedulers (schedulable class are within 'myjar.jar'). Nothing was added in the MANIFEST.MF of the 'mysar.sar' to make 'myjar.jar' available to jboss-service.xml.

      But 'mywar.war' cannot find classes within 'myjar.jar'. I try to set-up the 'Class-Path' attribute in the MANIFEST.MF of 'mywar.war' but it doesn't work.

      Any suggestion?