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    Need help with error: java.net.NoRouteToHostException: No ro

    Charles Ethridge Newbie

      Hi. I'm new to jboss, but I have it installed and running pretty well as the JBoss/Eclipse IDE.

      I notice this error in the console log whenever I disable my internet connection to the outside world. Have searched through jboss website, but haven't found anything on it yet. Please just point me in the right direction, if it's simple to config. Basically, I want to shut off this "multi-casting", as the JBoss App Server I have is only for my JBoss-IDE (Eclipse), and I don't want it sending out UDP socket messages every few seconds to other app servers in the (non-existent) cluster (if that's what this is actually about).

      Where is the address: (and the other similar addresses) that it is repeatedly sending to? Could this be used by a hacker someday? If not, why does it only happen when I down my wireless connection to the internet? i.e. why is it not using localhost or some such within my firewall.

      Bottom line is that my main concern on this one is firewall security, as I like to know to whom/what my computer is attempting to contact on the internet.

      Ben Ethridge